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Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 7

The thing about natural born leadership and gloomed leadership is something that perturbs many, Bernard Olupot in 879 word draws the line between and also explains in deep thought and humor about both in relation to the state of the nation, Uganda. This is just a glimpse, the whole post

Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 6

  The Jzone namely Jude and Jeff wrote a 586 worded blog piece, took the theme school made me no better as a debate, with a sense of humor and taking the reader(s) as the specimen for their findings. Check here for whole piece. Charlotte in 399 words disagrees that school made

Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 5

In 540 words, Simon Kaheru wrote about how schools shaped his social character, relating to and making friends. Most importantly, he entails, how best he managed to understand re-solving matters in a rather gentle manner contrary to fights as it were in school. To read more of his thoughts about

Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 4

A sweet tale of 932 words narrating the woos of a Christian raised boy who goes to school unguided about the turmoil of adolescence by Bernard Olupot. The feeling of abandonment haunts his journey all throughout school in a mighty most of his endeavors. This is the whole story. In 609

Curated Blogs #UgBlogWeek Day 2

After going postal on a Day One blog, Pete’s Mama says she was gently encouraged to write her own experience. In a 1397 worded piece, we navigate through some of the interesting highlights that marked 7 years of her primary education. From the joy of contradicting or attempting to correct

Curated Blogs #UgBlogWeek Day 1

#UgBlogWeek Day 1 | Curated blogs In 684 word, school was a confidence glooming ground for Shanine. She learnt how to make and keep friends. School helped some of her friends learn to write and speak English fluently: Read more here School did not teach me. Fiona Komusana placed her rant

#UgBlogWeek Schools Made Me No Better

#UgBlogWeek Returns with a theme that asks you whether we are satisfied with the promise of education particularly as regards the schools we went to. Old exercise books used to have printed on them “Knowledge is Power” or “Knowledge is Key”. Was career guidance something you went through or did you find