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The Return Of Club Music Video Awards – Full List Of 2017 Winners At The Blue-Carpet Ceremony

How can we tell the Ugandan story without music making its way into the conversation?

The relevant videos have been known to differentiate the jokers from those who create a lasting imprint on the pages of our minds. For this reason, it was a pleasure to attend the second edition of the Club Music Video Awards. The inaugural edition was held in 2013, exactly three years ago – I hope that this time, they are here to stay.

In related news, it is the general sentiment of most Ugandans, especially those living in Kampala that they cannot watch a great number of our music videos with the little children or those elders from the village who still view the jeans as men’s clothing, and that all women should wear long skirts.

In light of my current train of thought, you might understand why Abaasa Rwemereza one of the night’s top winners had to thank his fans for voting his Runaway music video the best, despite the fact that they were not naked in it. Whatever that says about our videos, is a topic for another day because, I am dying to tell you what happened.

The Club Music Video Awards Stage.
The Club Music Video Awards Stage.

Upon arrival at Kampala Serena Hotel, there was no doubt that it had been transformed to allow for the smooth entry of the nights guests, musicians, the media personalities, presenters and music lovers. Termed as a Blue-carpet event, there was a cocktail area outside the building where those in attendance waited and watched as the media took turns interacting with the different musicians and media personalities as well as the music lovers. Inside Victoria Hall, a humongous stage was erected by Fenon Events, and I was immediately worried that the performers may not make good use of it.

My worry was put to rest when YKee Benda, one of the most nominated musicians of the night gave a dazzling opening performance – singing, Muna Kampala, Eva, and Farmer. For the later, he had to run back stage for achange of clothes and returned in farming clothes. I mean gumboots and the like. His use of the stage, aided by what we call queen-dancers, was entertaining. His would not be the only great performance of the night.

After this, there was darkness in the building – well, not literally – Karama Raymond performed Amasanyalaze Negagenda. For those who do not speak Luganda, it loosely means, “and then there was a power blackout.” The situations surrounding the said power outage is why the song is a hit in Uganda – oh, and it has amazing beats too.

One of the most memorable performances of the night was given by Hellen Lukoma who reminded me of Beyonce’s on-stage persona. Honestly speaking, I knew her mostly as an actress and, I thought while she performed, it seems Sheebah Karungi has a real competitor in Hellen Lukoma. At the end of the show, when the crowd pleaded for an encore, it was for Hellen Lukoma to return to the stage. It did not happen.

Lillian Mbabazi wows crowd with her voice.
Lillian Mbabazi wows crowd with her voice.

There was a Lillian Mbabazi performance that absolutely melted hearts. She awed us with her vocal prowess. It saved some of us from enduring the dancehall and its cousin kidandali which dominates Ugandan music and surely dominated the Club Music Video stage. Voltage Music duo of Kent and Flosso performed Pull Up, Spice Diana too was a performer at the event, just like B2C and Vampino.

Before I forget, let me mention that Sanyu Fm’s Crystal Newman and comedian Alex Muhangi were a dynamic show-host duo, with one maintaining sanity and the other filling the night with laughter. They were helped on occasion by Deedan Muyira aka Miss Deedan and former miss Uganda, Stellah Nantumbwe who is popularly known as Ellah. The later were a comical pair.

Crystal Newman and Alex Muhangi, The Club Music Video Awards Ceremony hosts. (Picture Source: Alex Muhangi)
Crystal Newman and Alex Muhangi, The Club Music Video Awards Ceremony hosts. (Picture Source: Alex Muhangi)

The handing over of awards itself was a smooth undertaking and everything seemed rehearsed. It felt like I was watching a Grammy Awards show in a Ugandan setting. Nothing was left to chance, and those giving out awards did not go off-script except J Kazoora who told of his many years in the industry and lauded the Club Music Video Awards organizers for investing heavily in the music industry. Later on, an honorary award would be given to Daniel Ogong, former NBL Marketing Director who single-handedly was responsible for approving most of budgets supporting Uganda music events.

If anyone tells you that the Club Music Video Awards were not a superb event, they need a beating. The organizers made sure they left us with many memorable moments, and they catered to every detail. By my own judgement, this was the best Awards ceremony I have attended, and believe me, I have attended almost everything that there is.

Ellah and Miss Deedan Before Giving a Club Music Video Award.
Ellah and Miss Deedan Before Giving a Club Music Video Award.

I hope that by now, you already know that the night’s biggest winners were Patrobas and Abaasa for their Voice Inside music video which was shot by Nicholas Tate. Patrobas himself was out of the country, in the UK during the ceremony and Abaasa Rwemereza who also took home the award for Best Newcomer music video had to make several journeys to the stage to pick all the awards. He later revealed to me that he was mostly involved with the audio production itself.

By the time, Patrobas and Abaasa were announced winners of the Video of the year accolade, there was a mixture of excitement and discontentment. The more popular musicians had walked empty handed. I caught up with Abaasa and asked what he felt about the wins at the awards show. He said, “I feel like it is that time when the barriers need to be broken. There’s all these categories in music and right now, to have a normal song – not a kidandali or a kiduula or something to be winning awards is something really inspiring to everyone out there.” I for one understood that the qualities that make for a great music video do not exclusively include the popularity of the musician or genre. It should communicate, well. Abaasa also told me that, they were chatting with Patrobas on Whatsapp during the entire event and revealed that the award-winner (Patrobas) and the video producer, Nicholas Tate are extremely excited about the win. About his own win, he said, “It is an honor to be considered a part of Ugandan culture.”


Here is the full list of Club Music Video 2017 Winners.

Best Choreography

Magic – Winnie Nwagi
Njogereza – Navio
Kabulengane – Bebe Cool
Nyinimu – Exodus (Winner)

Best Cinematography

Akaliro – Rema
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa
Yeye – Cindy Sanyu x Wahu Kagwi
Mariana – A Pass (Winner)

Best Costume & Make Up

Sembera – Irene Ntale
Only You – Lilian Mbabazi

Bukolomoni – Byazy x Cindy Sanyu
Mbilo Mbilo (remix) – Eddy Kenzo x Niniola (Winner)

Best Directing

Style & Flows – Double 5
Sembera – Irene Ntale
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa (Winner)
Magic – Winnie Nwagi

Best Duo or Group

Pull Up – Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music)
Plenty Plenty – Radio & Weasel
Nkwagala – B2C
Dagala – Radio & Weasel (Winner)

Best Set Design

Thank You – Benjamin Spartos
Sembera – Irene Ntale
Mwana Gwe – King Saha (Winner)
Nkwatako – Sheebah Karungi

Best Special Effects

Emergency – Keya Nemesis
Pistol – Fic Fameika
Smart Wire – Vampino
IAIAO – Black Skin (Winner)

Best Use of Technology

Voice Inside – Patroba x Abaasa
Still Standing – Cindy Sanyu
Yeye – Cindy Sanyu & Wahu (Winner)
Kabako – Roden Y
Tempo (Remix) – Cindy Sanyu x Dyfla Diligon

Collaboration of The Year

Only You – Lilian Mbabazi
Gamululu – APass/Konshens
Bukolomoni – Byaxy & Cindy
Yeye – Cindy Sanyu and Wahu
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa (Winner)

Female Video Of the Year

Magic – Winnie Nwagi
Go Down – Irene Ntale (Winner)
Akaliro – Rema
Omukwano gwe Kilo – Irene Ntale

Inspirational Message Video Of The Year

Tonzoleya – Topic Kasente Ft Sheebah
Gwenafunye – Esther Nabatanzi
Thank You – Benjamin Spartos
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa (Winner)

Male Video Of The year

Plenty Plenty – Radio & Weasel
Viva Africa – Eddy Kenzo
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa (Winner)
Movie Star – Mi Casa x Eddy Kenzo

Newcomer Of The Year

Thank You – Benjamin Spartos
Run Away – Abaasa (Winner)
Gwenafunye – Esther Nabatanzi
Tonzoleya – Topic Kasente x Sheebah

Viral Video Of The Year

Musawo – Winnie Nwagi (Winner)
Magic – Winnie Nwagi
Farmer (Remix) – Ykee Benda x Sheebah

Video Of The Year

Go Down – Irene Ntale
Voice Inside – Patrobas x Abaasa (Winner)
Movie Star – Eddy Kenzo
Omukwano – Irene Ntale

Special Recognition

Daniel Ogong (Former NBL Marketing Director) (Winner)


Picture Source: Club Pilsener (Unless stated otherwise)

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