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Curated Blogs | New Beginning Prompt

Last week 1st – 7th August 2016, we prompted the Ugandan bloggers to write about ‘New Beginning’. If you don’t know about these weekly prompts read this.

It was a busy week filled with events, and some bloggers didn’t get time to respond to the prompt and some are in preparation of the #UgBlogWeek starting this week on Thursday to Wednesday [11th – 17th August 2016]

However, some bloggers in the community who braved the streets of writer’s block and came out champions, below are the curated blogs of these awesome Ugandan bloggers:

New beginning curated

Sharon’s 380 worded piece hits a lot closer to home. Entitled ‘New Beginning’, Sharon writes about the shock and resolve that precedes that dreaded 4am phone call. More often than not, from an unfamiliar voice bearing earth shattering news.

Elizabeth introduces us to Emiru – Emiru is a friend that we all have. In her blog, ‘New Beginning, she describes a type of new beginning that is borne out of hitting rock bottom. When despair offers you no solutions and your only other option is the new beginning that comes in the life ever after. In 640 words, we learn about Emiru’s new beginning.

Joshua takes us on a 1047 worded adventure into one of Kampala’s suburbs. In his blog entitled, The harsh reality of a new beginning, he speaks as a new resident of this popular red light district; an invisible ecosystem that might threaten to smear a generation that has been immersed in it.

Joel Jemba’s take on the prompt New Beginning, was a post that awakens a sense of patriotism. A sense of loyalty to the country dubbed the Pearl of Africa. His 495 worded post: Stories that can change Uganda forever, tackles the common mis-perceptions that people have heard about the Pearl but it’s also about the rising up of her young people, determined to change the narrative.

Kirabo’s new beginning happened at the point of a crossroad – at the point where priorities and hope battle it out on the battlefield that is life. The 608 worded piece is titled dear friend.


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