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Curated Blogs #UgBlogWeek Day 1

#UgBlogWeek Day 1 | Curated blogs

day 1 curation

In 684 word, school was a confidence glooming ground for Shanine. She learnt how to make and keep friends. School helped some of her friends learn to write and speak English fluently: Read more here School did not teach me.

Fiona Komusana placed her rant about the education system in 508 words, and she mentioned and profound fact about the education system “The school system doesn’t make you arrive, it teaches you enough English to ask for a job you probably don’t want, but have an entire village staring at you, begging you to take it, so you can buy them soda” more of this awesome rant click here and maybe join the rant in comment section.

Olive Nakiyemba wrote a heartfelt piece that gives a glimpse into who a major influence in her early school years was. In the 437 worded blog, she takes us on her school journey, with subtle references to the essence of the post — Yes we studied, but exactly how much did we learn. Click here to read her piece and perhaps, join in on her refund quest.

Benjahim Edwards in 603 words has done part one out of seven of the series of his life while in school. The behavioral pattern, the subjects, and challenges, the system errors are all just starting in part one like he said don’t blink. You need to part one, which is here before you enjoy the parts coming through.

Kirabo byabashaija in a 621 worded blog piece, started with the Uganda Schools national anthem that a number of students/pupils didn’t know their meaning, she confessed that she was also a victim of circumstance by then. She then highlighted important patriotic aspects and points to ponder on in line with parenting, teaching through the lenses of a child that goes to school every day. Read more here and let her know what you think.

The allure of young forbidden love, the bravado that comes with saving face among your friends and the days before ‘Raising Voices’ – when canes lasted until your butt turned numb. In 519 words, Joel Jemba talks about his epic love adventure as a young seven year boy, attempting to appreciate each moment that life threw at him. Read more about Joel’s adventure here, and let him know if school made you appreciate the profound moments in life.

In a 398 worded blog piece, Sharon Bugingo narrated a story of her life in different schools of secondary. – she did four schools in four years, with reasons she stated in the bone of the blog. In closing her statements, she quantified how geography paper two specifically Tennessee valley and subtopics of that nature weren’t really important. School made her no better, to enjoy the whole piece as we did click here.

In 667 words, Bernard Olupot shared deeper underrated and sugarcoated dangers of the education system and process in which most of us have go through. The piece is a deep and you need to settle down in noise free surrounding, then plug into the thoughts he put on the page. Here is the link, let him know what you think in comment section.

In 597 words, “I cannot think” pours out the trail of dwindled learning culture in our country and continent rooting from our forefathers. The gist of the blog is that many Ugandans play more blame games than seeing the actual reality that the most prominent life virtues are learnt from home and our surroundings not on the blackboard. Musinze Joshua wrote all this and more here.

Bullying, discipline, routine and competition for excellence in class, this is the picture of life in a typical school here, In 502 words, Patricia Kahill navigated the challenges of the system that groomed many of us, and yet many of us have not yet recovered physically, emotionally and mentally. You need to read this piece to know what we are talking about. Click here and be kind to throw in your thought(s) in the comment section

First day of school, interviews, pressure, unfamiliar faces, mother love and care, unanswered question, dreams, society definition of success, and more, this is a glimpse of what Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa wrote in 705 words that makes you think out loud as you read even about the school mottos. This is the whole blog here. What’s take on this?

Three years of kindergarten, these three are not just years spent ‘fwaa,’ the details and memories of these years, is what Elias Amanya narrated in 984 words in his blog, but also what the conclusion is too engaging and insightful, check it out here and share your memories of three maybe with him in the comment section

In 1,088 words the Gilbert Opondo articulately narrated their experience going through school with the vice of procrastination. From the simple habits like washing laundry to the tasks like reading for exams with top priority, the vice ate so deep and the school culture did not make the situation any better. This was a lesson learnt and the fight still goes on as one day is easier than the next but what stands true is you may be a victim of something today but it is upto you to become a survivor. see what he wrote here.

Navigating through high school can be a difficult thing, from friends that you make and hang out with to clubs that you want to join. Pauline Mary had a club that she was into, a club that according to regulation she couldn’t join immediately. She didn’t mind waiting until she was in the right class though. Read about her experience here in her 557 worded post, and see if you agree with the conclusion that she came up with.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Cinderella stories, from Britain, America and others, but have you read a Ugandan Cinderella story before? Well, Laker Fiona in 432 wrote a very precise but, interesting Cinderella story, we don’t want to spoil for you, rather we want you to go read it yourself here. Enjoy the read!

In 385 words Herman Nuwaha talk about his cheating experience in school. For this one time he says the teacher told them what was to come in the exam and people were ready, on they surprise it was not as he had said.

Who taught you the habits you have? Commodore says in 131 words that it was through trial and error he taught the amount of alcohol his body could accommodate. This is it, read more here from him.

In 280 words Simon Kaheru puts forth the wonderment of whether school actually makes us better. I believe this piece was tailored to preempt the readers to dig deep and evaluate which side of the coin they fall without necessarily taking a side himself. Full blog here

School; university life, friends, parties, and everything in between in an awesome story, appealing and above all engaging, that was Roland’s piece in 1129 words. You need a drink as you need this piece, don’t we didn’t warn you. When you are ready click here and enjoy the read.

Late addition (our apologies) – Depression is usually frowned upon among the Ugandan society and Ugandan schools no less. In this 1549 word story, Ms Kavuma Denise shares her journey to depression and the inability of school to help her deal with the things that caused it. She is hosted on bmkakurut’s blog for this piece!

We are thankful for everyone who is participating in the #Ugblogweek. Remember, On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

Do you want to participate and you don’t how and why? Read this: School Made Me No Better

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