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Curated Blogs #UgBlogWeek Day 2

Day 2 curated blogs

After going postal on a Day One blog, Pete’s Mama says she was gently encouraged to write her own experience. In a 1397 worded piece, we navigate through some of the interesting highlights that marked 7 years of her primary education. From the joy of contradicting or attempting to correct one’s teacher to the chameleon like tendencies that children have to adapt in order to appease the prevailing authority. In her conclusion, she remarks on the purpose of the broken roads that we sometimes travel. Check it out here.

If everyone’s decision is absolute then who is right?  In 671 words you get to silently succumb to a flashback many people can relate to while trying to prove that we are our father and mother’s son or daughter, “Should I choose the course because I have a burning desire to pursue it OR Should I settle for what my parents think is best for me?” see more of what Benjamin Edward wrote here

Color books, Crayons, Nap time, Biscuits and Bliss; all that things that pre-primary school are made of. Fiona Laker thinks NOT. In 380 words, Fiona writes about her version of dealing with what should have been an enjoyable experience, if it were not for the existence of a certain character. She concluded by promising to share the juice on when the tables turned in her next piece. but before that see this

With a very captivating title,  Jemima Nalumansi hauls you into her 816 words that speak volumes about how school played a hand in moulding her into the person that she is todate. She expresses the power of leverage through the friends and networks she was able to build over the years spent in school. Entire blog here

Some would argue that mischief and adventure should be colour of our early childhood, Charlotte would agree with you. In a 292 worded piece, she reminisces about the mischief she got into as well as what her chief partner in crime and his version of enterprising mischief. Using themselves as a case study, they draw a conclusion about childhood mischief – See if you agree with them here.

In 675 words, Bernard Olupot scripted a lot of thoughts about education since day one of school as a Child goes through education. He said and we quote “However, without necessarily getting into the mechanics of how the lecturer actually made it work, I would like to think that children students should be given a chance to curve out their paths – somehow.” Dive into this awesome here.

In 395 words, Joshua Musinze entails his love for this complex girl which ended up in ruins and ridicule due to his lack of game/skill of luring her into a perfect relationship. Here are the details of his piece.

In 709 words, Shanine shares her encounter as a passenger to privilege whilst in school. The blog expounds on how the seemingly obvious traits of a leader are a mile away from the actual reality where the fruits of leadership solely benefit the leader and their subordinates. More here.

One of the longest we have accounted, is Mugabi’s 974, where she details her lessons from school using the letters from the alphabet. We enjoyed her description of letter F, talking about the kawau days. This is it.

In 522 words, Simon Kaheru gives his experience on how school prepared him for the real world out there, and in the long run found himself following certain patterns of life. Understanding life in different perspectives as well was part of the package, here is more of what he wrote.

“Did school make any of us better?” that’s the question Josh Agaba asked at the end of his blog, after narrating a short story about early days in school on most journeys to school with sister who did a lot for him, click here to see what we mean by a lot.

On the flip side school sucked for many people, Patrick Lorimo is one of them. In 553 words he explained why and also points out the important life lessons that aren’t taught in school unfortunately, we recommend that see them for yourself here.

One remarkable thing about school we all know is friendships we make, the moments we had we cherish forever, and actually transform our lives somehow. In 567 words Pauline Mary wrote in support and positive energy that school made her better at appreciating friendships. Here more here.

Misuse of power is not taught it self imposed trait that most times starts at a young age. Joel Jemba narrates about his class monitor days, and if it was not his true compassion self, he would have ended with a negative trait. Read the whole blog here.


We are thankful for everyone who is participating in the #Ugblogweek. Remember, On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

Do you want to participate and you don’t how and why? Read this: School Made Me No Better

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