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Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 5

day 5

In 540 words, Simon Kaheru wrote about how schools shaped his social character, relating to and making friends. Most importantly, he entails, how best he managed to understand re-solving matters in a rather gentle manner contrary to fights as it were in school. To read more of his thoughts about how Schools made him Better, click here.

Ahh… the power of unrequited love! In this 499 worded piece, Fiona Laker gives us the sequel into the life of Johnny the Bully. She remarked on the natural order of things between pre-teens way back when having a boyfriend in P5 was as illegal as being the only voluptuous girl in the class (worshiped the by the boys but envied by the girls). The result of not suppressing one’s feelings while at school, was normally something that no one wanted to experience. This is her piece.

You still don’t know if school made you better or not? well, Read Mable‘s 635 worded blog piece, where she shares he two cents on the theme, school made no me better. We must warn you though, she the post is a jumbled with lots of random thoughts. Here it is.

Weighing the options of what works in one school and doesn’t in another has never been a piece of cake. In her 457 word blog, Sharon Bugingo shares her sad ordeal at a new school where Luganda ruled the day and English was nothing more than a luxury and symbol of a spoilt child who would bring the school a first grade in English. This is her piece.

On Day 5, Lewis Ssemujju has chosen to define the true role that he believes school plays in an individual’s life in his 514 worded blog piece. He stipulates that school is not the spoon-feeding institution that is supposed to power on the elevator that gets you to the next level with little effort from the would-be beneficiary; but rather an institution with programs and activities geared to foster two main things in you. Find out what those two things are, here.

Gilbert Opondo takes us on a philosophical quest on the definition of age. In the 809 worded piece, he reminisces about a time when age as simply about the passing of years. He shares about the lessons learned and the fond memories that he has no regrets about. He deduces that we all walk away from school with something, do you agree with that?

School politics knocked twice on Patricia’s door only to open up a cunning box of worms that it entailed. Using 464 words, she brings forth the poli-tricks that she had to succumb to in a bid to win votes and the bitter truth that these traits transcend into people’s future lives hence the current political quagmire in our nation. Here.

The pride that comes from finally getting to a candidate class, the sense of I’ve-made-it normally drives students in those classes to walk around like they own the place. Normally, the rest of the school falls in line. Joel Jemba in his 509 worded piece, reminisces about his perfect school arrival record — that is until he got to Senior Six and came face to face with an enterprising headmaster. Read more here.

For many people succeeding in school is about being an A Player with super high grades but when one steps out into the world the game changes. In a 356 word blog find out about how life becomes more about survival, adaptability and an exodus from the belief in a scorecard. Shanine Share here.


We are thankful for everyone who is participating in the #Ugblogweek. Remember, On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

Do you want to participate and you don’t how and why? Read this: School Made Me No Better

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