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Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 7

day 7

The thing about natural born leadership and gloomed leadership is something that perturbs many, Bernard Olupot in 879 word draws the line between and also explains in deep thought and humor about both in relation to the state of the nation, Uganda. This is just a glimpse, the whole post here.

Exposure and experiments can everything, even in school this what Ruth wrote in here  897 worded blog piece, relation to a number of situations in her life and other people. Wonder what we are talking about here is the whole piece.

The experience from schools are priceless and the memories are eternal, Shanine narrated in a few lines that form 397 words here many experiences from school. This is her blog piece.

The experience and expectations from of a cultural/drama event at school; drums, music, stage, dance, audience and the aftermath, this what Gilbert Opondo jots down in 1,114 words bit by bit you are captured by the narrative because it all totally relatable and broken down in small digestible bites.  Take a look here.

Joel Jemba shared a short film from School of life, this film shows the reason why we should through and the problem with the current school curriculums, and the end it draws the new curriculum that education should consider. Read and watch the short film here.

In 344 words Eddie focused on the irrelevant things we have in the Uganda school curriculum that makes all its products any better, but also hope it change because the current minister of education is the first lady of Uganda. All these thoughts and more click here.

Squibb in 1037 words shared about school moments and his experience this is a must read piece, we found it hilarious. This is the piece.


We are thankful and grateful that many bloggers participated in the #UgBlogWeek and on that note we are having a Uganda bloggers’ happy hour today at the Yasigi beer garden (location here) today at 5:30pm to celebrate and also have more conversations going about Theme: School made me no better.


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