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#UgBlogWeek Day 4: GIF-ed Titles

Before you see the GIFs  – read that as gifts, after all it’s the festive season – let me appreciate the M8 (magnificent eight) crew who are making sure blogs are not lost in the pile of information shared on the internet.

These are the #UGBlogWeek heroes  Mercy Angela, Esther Mirembe Roland Niwagaba Joel Jjemba, Kirabo Byabashaija, Olive Nakiyemba, Cynthia Kyofuna and not forgetting myself Patricia Kahill who comes bearing gifs – gifts from Day .

Now lets Yabbba-Daba Do This!


-> Is the internet bringing out the fool in you?

-> On Gratitude; Thanksgiving 2016

-> Ways we Speak

-> The Wings of Love

-> Composite

-> My Lover


-> Four layman lessons from Trump’s US Presidency Victory

-> Fort Portal Thrills

-> Searching my mind

-> Their was a race against time

The Art of Moving on

-> I am History

-> Top 8 UG Brands that excelled at the 2016 Kampala festival parade.

-> Raw: An excerpt from Elijah’s Diary

-> Who advocates for the boy child

-> Under my Skin

-> Dump – An embarrassing story

-> Time Bomb – Bobi Wine prophecy

-> Christmas and tributes…… 🙂

-> The News: My Unspoken Opinion, A Lesson On Privilege

-> Supporting Ugandan Businesses

-> Who stole the magic?

-> Goodnight

-> Hairy Origins of Smeagol


-> Salad and Dessert

-> I Will Not Write Today

-> i swear it’s satan’s jajja

-> You Never Unlove People

-> Where Creatives Go to Recharge – My Island Getaway

-> A brief response to Cmde Yoweri Museveni on “Neo-Imperialism and African Weakness”

-> Caressing and massaging serpent fags….fatally

-> I learned to believe you

-> Sweet Nothings

-> Social Media Helping Us Take Back Our Story

Now walk in to Day 5 like a boss

or just slide in to it


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