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Growing Up

Growing up certainly means different things to everyone. Our prompt this week aims to elicit the different experiences of people as regards the words.

What was life back in your time growing up? What were the things you loved most? The food? The television? The friends? The fashion? The music?

We’re curious about hearing your story.

Maybe it means setting goals. Readjusting goals. Working towards a vision. Climbing over hurdles. Leaving a pleasant or unpleasant past behind. What does growing up mean?

Maybe it means something to you as a Ugandan, an African, a business man, a worker, an activist?

What feelings does the term “growing up” evoke in you? Share with us this week 12th-18th September. We’ll be looking for posts of all kinds, these include photography, writing, podcasts and vlogs.

So put your best blogging socks on. We’d like to hear your story.

Photo: Hiroyuki Takeda

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