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I Am Woman

This post is a response to the post “Be Woman, Be” by Andrew Ojara.

By Jessica Layado

My dear man, oh what faith you have in woman! What privilege to read your thoughts! I don’t think it’s a question of what  woman is capable of doing because like you say- woman is a force to reckon with! I believe you make some very valid points and yes, your interpretation may be warped! Is it because of your vantage point: that question is best answered by you!

My dear man, the reason women fight for equality today is because someone told them they have to. Someone told them they were less valuable than men! Someone told them that all a woman is good for is catering to the needs of an ungrateful man! Yes, even society embraced and ingrained in women the ‘lesser mentality’. The mentality that none of their dreams are of any significance and they should not be dreaming in the first place! Women are continuously flooded with subliminal messages about fitting into society’s mould for them. Grow up, get married, give birth, and grow your children to do the same! In all this- learn to please man and exist solely for his pleasure!

Women have been duped into dressing like pieces of prey to attract the predator. Beautiful young women have been duped into dressing like sluts- forgive my language- ‘because men are hooked by what they see!’

I dare say my dear man, that you enjoy it! You enjoy toying with these senseless women and then trashing them when you’ve had your fill like a pack of greedy hyenas! You enjoy making them feel insecure so that they ‘know their place and don’t get ahead of themselves!’ You enjoy making them feel like they must go out of their way to accommodate you or else you’ll find yourself another woman! You enjoy using foolish statistics that say the population of women outnumbers that of men against them.

Then you say you want an empowered woman but the moment you realize she’s confident in who she is and doesn’t cling to you like the sweat on your skin, you badmouth her and label her impossible!

My dear man, far be it from me to allocate all the blame to you because in all honesty, everyone is responsible for themselves! Every woman must liberate herself from the hoax that emancipation has become! You see, every little girl is born emancipated! It is society that boxes them into its ‘little girl identity box’ only for her to realize so many years later that she needs to rediscover who she really is! It is therefore the responsibility of every Father, Mother,sister, brother, daughter and son to work together and help not only the woman but also the growing man!

They must be taught to challenge the statusquo! Not to just carry on corrupted norms because its what they inherited from the generation before them! So before you stand on one side, hands akimbo as the male dotted on by society, remember my dear man, you are able to help me as I am to help you! You and I are made to coexist! Life has never been a competition even if it has been painted as so! Let’s sit with each other; correct me and take correction from me! Argue with me, reason with me, debate with me, fight with me but never think of me as your competition! Take my hand and let’s work together. Partner with me for the sake of future generations!

Remember my dear man; when woman is empowered, man is empowered! We are partners! Not rivals!

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