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#UgBlogWeek Day 5: Melancholy

I am way in over my feels today. It could be because I have been listening to Tracy Chapman endlessly or because Kirabo has managed to string my heart along for her dandelion tales. I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the cause of such melancholy, but Kahill sheds some

Park Enkadde

Have you been to Kampala old taxi park (Read: Park Enkadde) before? Or you haven’t been there, but you have heard about it, no? This week (25th – 31st July 2016) the Uganda blogging community is blogging about the Park Enkadde –thoughts, stories, rants, experiences, name it. You want to participate

Uganda Blogging Community | Brief

Uganda Bloggers Community is a shared initiative of bloggers in Uganda to improve the blogging and overall social media sphere in the country. It aims to do this by equipping and training bloggers with necessary skills (technical, ethical and professional) as well as providing a platform for sharing of ideas