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#UgBlogWeek February 2019: What Is Love?

Greetings Bloggren, how do you do? Is it just me or February has choruses of butterflies in everyone's belly? Do you also wonder why everyone seems so love strung this month? Well, here's a short story. A tale of how February came to be known as the month of love (or so

The Nature of Storytelling #UgBlogWeek

By Ojara Andrew Charles Storytelling has always been by people about people. It started as one on ones; the direct result of the human ability for interaction, possession of shared versus divided lives, experiences and aspirations against the fact that we can be both inspired and intrigued by the elements of stories.

#UgBlogWeek Poemised Curate Posts 13th Feb 17

Take a chance, Participate in this Feb's Blog Week, Maybe you'll discover the ballad hidden in your soul. Your love child shouldn't be abandoned in a taxi Or in fear of high school tales Or in fear of high church walls. You'll find some exiles are queer Some meetings sweet And blesser demands not so shameless. We're still

#UgBlogWeek November Edition

Uganda Blogging Community is proud to announce that 2016's last 7-day-blogging challenge is back! #UgBlogWeek will take place from 21st November till 27th November. This month's edition will cater to both those who want to blog themed works and those who just want to blog! A Blog theme pool has been created

Blog Theme Pool

The Blog Theme Pool is a place for any blogger who wants to participate during the #UgBlogWeek with a theme. We have lots of themes here. Men Women President for a day Sex Nature Love If you want to add your own theme to this pool, please add it in the

Curated blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 3

What may come as obvious today is what was rocket science back in the school days. Using 577 Patricia Kahill used relatable experiences like fake friends, cramming for exams, judging people by their appearance and tribe to drive home the fact that the traits we picked from school are what