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The #55UGBlogs Kafunda Kreative UgBloc Campaign

Do you have a story to tell about Uganda?

As a nation on 9th October 2017, Uganda celebrates 55 years of Independence. Usually that’s a day we hope lands on a week day so we have the day off.

This year Kafunda Kreative in partnership with Uganda Blogging Community is daring you to write a Ugandan story. Your Ugandan story.

The goal is to have 55 blogs to celebrate the 55 years. 55 blogs that share unique Ugandan stories that celebrate what it means to be Ugandan.

You as a storyteller are invited to tell us your unique story whether it is about culture, food, the arts, politics, economics, geography, history, religion or just about anything that is Ugandan and makes for a great read but not only that, a story that represents Uganda.

Write your stories between 9th and 15th October and share them on your blog. Use the hashtag #55UgBlogs to contribute to the pool of stories. If you have no blog you can send them to Please note you are not being asked to write 55 stories. No. You are being asked to write just one story that will be part of 55 stories that celebrate 55 years of Ugandan independence.

These blogs/stories will be curated and compiled together by the team at Ugbloc and Kafunda Kreative. The stories will be published on both and website after the writing period. So write your story, we want to see, it read, and share it again.

It is an open invitation to all storytellers, bloggers and writers living with in Uganda and in diaspora. Let’s share our untold Ugandan stories,
Let’s do it together and Let’s give more meaning to the 9th of October.

We dare you.

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