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The Numbers of November 2016’s UgBlogWeek

Curating #UgBlogWeek is never an easy task. It means waking up early, sleeping late, eyes scrolling forever, fingers typing away, copy + paste, etc. It’s no longer a one man job.

After all the blogging during #UgBlogWeek we hope the bloggers keep on with the spirit of story telling and documenting. We believe when we write things down, they keep our past, guide our present and set the future.

Here are the numbers.

The Five (5) Alive blogged all seven days. These were

Duksey’s Thoughts. Flora’s seven blogs were a mix of humour addressing current affairs, relations and other serious matters. What we found interesting was their ease of reading. Humour works well in telling a story. Also, we think titles like “Spandex, bums, sweat and miles” are quite the hook.

Furayide’s thoughts Bwesigye could as well be called Literature Man! All his seven blogs were shares of his thoughts on Ugandan literature from 2011. He intimates that the posts were to reminisce on his deliberate focus on Ugandan Literature in 2011, and also as a shout-out to the intellectual labourers who make our society richer with their work.

Joel B Ntwatwa We think he cheated the 7 days with the poetry and the short stories 🙂 Otherwise, who doesn’t love a blogger who can write on tech, literature and society at the same time!?

Media Surgeon Ivan wrote more than seven blogs this week. Some days he produced 2 posts a day! He shared posts about faith, tech, social media. What

Wire James When we read his first entry for the week “I Sat PLE at 42”, we knew James takes a very serious look on life. All the seven posts were detailed and put a spotlight on society. One cannot help but add his feed to their weekly blog reads. There is much to learn from him.

The Sleek Six

Hot behind their heels were the Sleek Six (6) who stopped one hour before the day of glory. They include Angelo IzamaBirds View (Lisa Romans)Kadali BlogPearlHmmph,  The Hub (Phiona), and Meena.

The Brazen Seven

Those who blogged a working week (5 days) were the Brazen Seven. These were; Cynthia KyofunaDenise KavumaEverything and Nothing (Komusana), Mable’s Rants, My Wandering Journe (Kirabo) , PKahill Insights and Safyrez.




Total Bloggers that participated – 75
Total Blogs that were produced – 217

Number of Blogs Per Day


Number of Bloggers Per Day


We want to say thank you to all the 75 bloggers who participated in the year’s final Blog Week. We are planning on making it bigger and better in 2017. A Happy December!

FodExpressions, Josh Agaba, 500Verus, Acaye Pamela,Muwado, Nabunya Elizabeth, Bits of Many Stories, Halfway There!, Olee Branch, Shanine’s Blog, Death of Words, Olive Branches, Subtle Royalty, Joel Jjemba, Nuwamanya Mategyero, On My Tippy Toes, Elite Xpressions, Mulungi Blog, Semakeddie, Sema Nare, Kangyeburugu, George Kiwanuka, Smart HeartLady, Son of Olwa, Lakerfiona, Imigani, Apio WinnieThis is Dustville, Carol Lynx, Beverley Nambozo, Floeticgibbersandrants, Niinye Avalanche, Guru 8Mulindwa Isaac, NuveyLive, Silver, Snapshot of a MuserSamie SmilzReach Out Mbuya Blog, Nimusiima, Jacky Kemigisa, Being Edna, Denno2016JemijoHappily FlawedHunnyElleNamLydSuburb2Suburb, Bamusiime Sylvia, Bibi Rukwengye’s Thoughts, iNakitto, Justified Ecstasy, Pretty Shan‘, Rebecca, Teesma‘s and Life Chapters a toast to you as well! To telling our stories!

P.S We asked you to vote for your top blog post this UgBlogWeek and you voted! We shall announce who you voted tonight at the final UBHH at Kahwa2Go! See you there.

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