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The Uganda Blogging Community is ecstatic to usher in March with you. Nev (RIP) continues to live on in our hearts, and we continue to celebrate him by switching up a few things here and there, with the baby that he treasured dearly.

You see, here in Wakanda, we are embracing ourselves and celebrating the beautiful life we get to share under Kampala’s scorching sun and moody rains. Now someone here who has not yet watched Black Panther feels like their ears have been assaulted but you know ojakuba just fine. (You will be just fine)

Our new address is in Wakanda land. We cordially invite you to our social media party with the following tags. Maaso ku lutimbe, allow me to school you, so you don’t miss out on all the action we shall be having every week on social media going forward.

Mondays are when we get to celebrate all male bloggers in our blogoshere, the #MCM. Tag your him, that blogger that made brightened up your previous week with their words, or you feel just needs to be appreciated.

I am particularly excited to write and say this; If you would love to take over our accounts, just for 24 hours, then Tuesday is the perfect day for you to be our guest blogger. #GuestBlogger. Tuesday is also the day when we encourage you to drop a guest blog on a fellow bloggers online space. Yes, approach someone and ask them if you can place your words on their blog, or ask someone to bless your space with their words. Whichever route you choose, we can’t wait to see all these community-building collaborations.

Of course, it’s not a party until we get to know what female bloggers have caught your eye in the blogging arena on Wednesday. Who is your #WCW?

Then, instead of sitting back and letting your blog readers choke on the dust from that idle blog, why not repost on Thursday? Take us down memory lane on #RepostDay #TBT.

Fri-nally, Fridays will be days for writing and sharing #UgBlocChainStories. More collaboration, yay! A good example of what we are talking about here is this story that started on Muwado, was continued by Cynthia, came back to Muwado where it was merged to a different story by Oleebranch, which had an extension by both Dilman and Joel, and was continued from Dilmans stop by Twonjex. This can also be done on twitter or facebook if you don’t have enough content for an entire blog post.

And it’s a wrap on Saturday with the #WeeklyRoundup #WeeklyRecap where you can remind us about what you have been posting through the week just in case people were too busy and they somehow managed to miss your masterpiece.

Nothing beats Sunday; Perfect for okuchillinga, a little R&R, worship and an opportunity to suggest and internalise #BloggingPrompts for the following week. If there is a topic you’d like to see people tackle on their blogs, throw it out to the world and see if it tickles someone out there.

Again, this is your special invitation to the Wakanda UgBloc party. This is purposely aimed at growing our network with one another as the old, young (new) and upcoming bloggers and influencers.

What say you?

Dust your dancing shoes, grab your pen, MBs or Wifi and let’s get this show on the road. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.



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