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#UgBlogWeek Day 1: Where Bloggers Came Out Guns Blazing!


The final UgBlogWeek of 2016 is taking place from 21st to 27th November. As the tradition, we shall be curating the week’s entries daily with the help of a magnificent eight; the curating team, whose members are:, Mercy Angela, Esther Mirembe Roland Niwagaba Joel Jjemba, Kirabo Byabashaija, Olive Nakiyemba, Cynthia Kyofuna and Patricia Kahill.

Day I had quite a number of strong posts, funny ones, serious ones, poetic ones and more. Check out the full list below of the posts that were published.

The blogs were grouped according to category.


The Wire Perspective has important tips for parents or guardians with children in primary, but before the tips you need to plug into the whole story, get to know how James and his wife made it work for their child, Walter. It’s a story worthy reading. (I sat for PLE at 42)


Acaye Speaking offers very valuable insights into the world of drama (theatre and stage in Uganda). It’s half ranting, half good wisdom. Tell your artist friends to pass by here 

Break dance, flips, twists, and legs all captured on camera thanks to Olee Branch for this piece. It’s#UGblogweek – Crazy Legs At The Break Fast Jam

Let’s talk photography. Let’s talk cinema. Let’s talk creativity in this post by Safyrez. You will find some points worth smiling to and saying “Oh, I hadn’t seen that!” Enjoy Carbonite – here 

Son of Olwa reveals a bit about Geoffrey Oryema in this telling piece.

Gadgets and Technology:

In this day and age how do you process all the information around you on especially on the internet? It’s a question Nev of Joel B Ntwatwa  repeatedly asked. If you have some answers perhaps share. Link to the blog is here.

Media Surgeon (who discusses anything else apart from Juju and football) started the blog week showing off his one-eyed girlfriend. A Cyclops? Read to find out.

It’s clear on “My Wandering Journey” that in technological review and analysis, there’s no wandering for this blogger. Find out what Kirabo means when she says, “Tell me about tomorrow, today.” here.

PKahill Insights has had the Weekly #PKTechWeekly column going for a while now. In this editions she shares about Bitcoin for Zimbabwe, Vodafone Chat+ App, DSTV Streaming Services, The Dark Web and other latest developments on the web. If you love to geek, check it out here.

Stuck in the design process? Let Sema Nare give you some amazing tips using “sketches”. click here.


Elizabeth of the Birds View, wrote about her profound moments in childhood and how these very moments turned out to be a benchmark of her current career in life.

Joel Jemba takes a look back into his childhood:  while reading, don’t skip a paragraph each paragraph ushers in the other. Read about Sweets, Smoking Paper, Surviving and More here:

We all need some humour to get going. Muwado’s post does just that, if not for mistakenly typing #UgBogWeek, then it is the very funny start and the numerous quotes to get you started. We congratulate Muwado on their first post of #UgBlogWeek, hopefully they will do the remaining six. Enjoy the post here.  Just Start

On Duksey’s Thoughts, Flora shares her experience of the MTN Marathon. As the title reads, “Spandex, bums, sweat and smiles” you will find that the spandex bottoms of many of the runners was a big reason that her unfit self finished the race… Catch the humorous post here.

Mulungi Blog talks about “Being Faithful With Little”. Don’t be the person she writes about here. Enough said.

Bambi we feel for Cynthia Kyofuna in her post-MTN Marathon rant. Maybe you too share her concerns? 🙂 

The Hub insists that gender inequality is here to stay. Hear her thoughts out here.

Don’t Ask Me To Hold Your Baby -by Denise Kavuma is some dark humor (or really just some darkness, depending on who you are.) A plus if you love comic strips. This is it

“Some tears really don’t have lessons. They’re just tears. Some mistakes aren’t going to end up as a lesson. They are simply mistakes.” Read the whole story on Shanine’s Blog. It Is Well.

Another post from Media Surgeon and he insists “This conversation happened in a taxi”. It’s about Mbs and women.

Literature and books:

Bwesigye of Furayide’s thoughts reshares a series reminiscing Uganda’s notable literature greats! Check out post 1 here

On Mable’s Rants, it is not a rant. It’s a short story you need to read! Check it out here #UgBlogWeek kick-starter.

Subtle Royalty’s review style is carefree. And that’s why this review is enjoyable. It is fresh because she will not repeat the rhetoric you’ve already heard about the book (okay maybe she does but does so in a new way). Read her review of Kintu here

Everything and Nothing kicks off #UgBlogWeek  with a whole lot of questions. Yes, you might be fooled by how she starts it, but the post is a good place for reflection. Check out her thoughts here.


She let it happen. Saw the signs, and she just let herself slip deeper into this black hole. Josh Agaba is saying something. Over here.

On Olive Branches ‘Wings, Winks’, Anita dares to believe a dream can be a good start.Entire dream is here.

Halfway There! Has a thing or two to say about “Your Girl” click here to find out. – It’s a lovely piece of poetry!

Love comes to all of us and Bits of Many Stories shares his first love experience in a short poem called My First Love.

Death of Words takes on a mystic poetic journey that is supposed to be about him. Read it here.

You might love this piece of poetry about a Christmas night and the innocence of children on Kadali Blog.

Nabunya Elizabeth writes a sombre piece that tributes a relationship between mother and child in “A Daughter’s Dream”.


In her piece “Criticism vs Trash Talk”, PearlHmmph asks  ‘Where is the line between constructive criticism about someone/something and defamation of their character aka trash talking? If there is a line, who gets to decide it, and who gave them the power?”

This is a really happy but also informative post. You can almost feel PKahill Insight’s joy on finally reaching her targets! Check out what targets those were here. How to celebrate success!

FodExpressions is quite confident everything starts with “The Idea”. Yet the idea is not the end of it. Is it? See more here.


Angelo Izama asks questions in this detailed post one of which is ”But how can a nation aspire to simply be an imitation?” . President For A Day, Confronting Praise #UgBlogWeek.


Smart HeartLady educates us about Lupus in this post. Learn. Read here.  

Love and Sex:

500Verus’s “Let me Love you” is the first entry in this Diary of a Former Virgin(18). Please be above 18 to read this

On My Tippy Toes says she’s “Sincerely, waiting patiently,” for future hubby. But that’s part of the story. Grab some coffee and read the rest here.

The Hub blogs again and asks “Why are you having sex?” Any answers for her?


Semakeddie talks about the virtue of Rihanna’s “Work work work work work”? We wonder. Check this out.

Nuwamanya Mategyero questions our dependence on social media for relevance on this well written post.

Elite Expressions talks Kai Zen the continuous practise of improvement.

From the above, day one brought in 40 bloggers! Kudos to the 38 bloggers who got involved. See you for day 2!  For those who want to start on #UgBlogWeek today, all the info you need is here.


Image source: Fred Kato Mutebi on African Art Agenda

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