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#UgBlogWeek: Day 3 – 38 Questions

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1. Is it possible to reminisce about places you’ve never been? Faith shares travel tales from childhood and those she’s yet to embark on.

2. Ever wondered what it’s like to be dead while you watch your loved ones live? Shanine paints a picture imperfect Christmas as witnessed by a long gone beloved Father.

3. What happens when a killer meets a stone cold murderer? Do they swap stories? Mathew meets Richie and Richie asks Mathew, “What’s your story?”

4. Why is it that things start to look up right before they fall apart (again)?

5. What do you do when you’re hit with writer’s block? Kahill showed us the insights to this issue.

6. What do you do if you failed to stick to your year’s resolutions and the year is fast coming to an end? Ivan advises you.

7. Did you know that pavement etiquette is a thing? Meena shows the Dos and Don’ts of using our pavements.

8. What makes social media social? Fiona explores the not  so social Kung Fu tactics employed on Twitter.

9. Why the double standards? Jacky hammered the nail’s head in her open letter to Ugandans on Twitter.

10. How do you find the courage and strength to watch a dear one breathe their last? Josh shares what Mama George went through as she watched her son lose a battle to cancer.

11. What is the hardest thing about writing? Jaamiinn answers that…

12. To self medicate or not to self medicate… Kanyebuguru cautions.

13. Is poetry for clever people only? Anitah says things like obliterated.

14. Omwavu tabelako nakake? The Avalanche warns of an impending case of massive fraud by yet another get rich quick scheme – OneCoin.

15. Is Uganda America? – The Wire Perspective shows the similarities between the two nations and why Uganda should be brought from the aliens and back to Ugandans.

16. Does size really matter? Apparently not… Emmanuel shares.

17. What happens when there is a misinterpretation of signals? Kirabo shares a tale where boy sent orange and the girl saw green.

18. How can I sell more? – Samie shows us how to leverage a marketing hack and boost sales.

19. How are you going to spend Christmas? Kadali is coming home.

20. How can the oldest trade be empowered to reduce HIV? Annika explores the different financial options.

21. Do you ever wonder if you’re going about this hashtag thing the right way? Apparently, you can’t be jumping from one to another fwaaaaa like a harlot, Son Of Olwa points outs.

22. Is there ever going to be the right time to talk sex to your baby? Flora is having a hard time finding it.

23. How do you want to be remembered? By your works of course! Furayide shares Okot p’Bite’s legendary works such as Song of Lawino.

24. How has life been good to you lately? Pearl has Jumia Food Madness to thank for!

25. What is time? Like really… Cynthia ponders this life’s mystery.

26. What do you do when someone steals your heart and you know, runs away with it? Davis runs after the thief!

27. Is your love deep enough to keep sadness at bay? Life Chapters Web wonders…

28. Do Ugandan feminists really know what they stand for? Oba it’s for show… Snapshotofamuser tries to understand.

29. How will you meet your lover? Nev calls dibs on the cherry garden in a sweet poem about subtle dimples and hidden grins and moon eyes. You GUY!

30. What happens when Kifeesi meets boda boda in This is Dustville?

31. How does the body react to violence and pain? Roland gives a blow by blow account of what goes down.

32. How stupid can Ugandan drivers be? Kahill’s guest blogger reports.

33. Do emcees really know how to emcee? Safyre doesn’t think so…

34. Buy a paperback book? In this economy? Subtle Royalty shares a royal life hack!

35. Do you agree that Wandegeya should be the capital city of Uganda? O’lee Branch tells you why.

36. What are eleven minutes to a book reviewer? Death of Words answers.

37. What is waiting? Lisa attempts to understand.

38. Do you know how to Bubu? FodExpressions explains.

39. Elite asks what is your inspiration?

The 23rd of November marks the end of the 3rd day of the final #UgBlogWeek 2016. And as is the norm here at the Uganda Blogging Community, we curate those passionate, witty and occasionally ridiculous bloggers that take time off their oh so busy schedule to write Ugandan stories. We celebrate you. This Mission Impossible – Where Is The Rolex  – has a Task Force called The Magnificent Eight – Mercy Angela Cynthia Kyofuna Roland Niwagaba  Kirabo Byabashaija  Joel Jjemba Patricia Kahill Esther Mirembe and Olive Nakiyemba.

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