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#UgBlogWeek Schools Made Me No Better

#UgBlogWeek Returns with a theme that asks you whether we are satisfied with the promise of education particularly as regards the schools we went to.

Old exercise books used to have printed on them “Knowledge is Power” or “Knowledge is Key”.

Was career guidance something you went through or did you find your way through school like a gamer in a maze?

Do you remember your school motto? Did it mean anything? Or was it another thing you had to cram for the sake?

Maybe you’re still in school? Back at school, going to new school? What does school mean to you as a person? As a dream chaser? As a member of society? Did it equip you? Did it stunt you? What’s your take?

Thoughts are welcome on critiques of schools, their systems, your ideas on making things better? Perhaps you’re nostalgic about your own school time and find today’s schools lacking?

Ah. There’s a wealth of things to write about this theme. Get involved!

Inasmuch as the questions being asked are non-fiction, posts are welcome from all formats and genres. That includes photography, audio, video, fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc.

Just a post a day is enough, for seven days. On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

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