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A Women’s Day Poem

By Emmanuel Kasomi

The earth in itself cannot contain it
It has seen her through all the huddles
It has bore the shame and the treachery she’s gone through:
All her ups and downs.

And finally, her day has come
To stand forth and feel proud about all the misfortunes
Because to these she credits her strength,
Her resilience and persistence.
Now is the time to appreciate and behold bring forth,
Redefine and expose not just her achievements
But; her catastrophic life
Thee life of a woman

Nature now praising
The sun on one side illuminating brilliantly, to present the Joy it feels
On the other side, thunder storm, the heavens roaring, for the glory of womanhood
The rains, for each tear she shaded,
The trees waving, grasses bowing, giving the honor to thy woman.

Happy Women’s Day!

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