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The Numbers of November 2016’s UgBlogWeek

Curating #UgBlogWeek is never an easy task. It means waking up early, sleeping late, eyes scrolling forever, fingers typing away, copy + paste, etc. It's no longer a one man job. After all the blogging during #UgBlogWeek we hope the bloggers keep on with the spirit of story telling and documenting. We believe

#UgBlogWeek Day 5: Melancholy

I am way in over my feels today. It could be because I have been listening to Tracy Chapman endlessly or because Kirabo has managed to string my heart along for her dandelion tales. I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the cause of such melancholy, but Kahill sheds some

#UgBlogWeek: Day 3 – 38 Questions

Image from Unsplash

1. Is it possible to reminisce about places you've never been? Faith shares travel tales from childhood and those she’s yet to embark on. 2. Ever wondered what it's like to be dead while you watch your loved ones live? Shanine paints a picture imperfect Christmas as witnessed by a long

#UgBlogWeek Day 2: A Day In The Life Of

Today, we go through a day of a would-be ordinary 20-something Ugandan. This character has ideally spent some few years out of university, still uses a considerable amount of public transport but on a good day, catches a ride in a friend’s car to lunch or sundowners after work. All

Content Curators Needed

This is a call for content curators that want to join the Uganda Blogging Community team. This call is primarily for individuals that can curate #UgBlogWeek content. Roles Track social media for new blogs : Track the #UgBlogWeek hashtag on Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Facebook to see who is contributing

#UgBlogWeek November Edition

Uganda Blogging Community is proud to announce that 2016's last 7-day-blogging challenge is back! #UgBlogWeek will take place from 21st November till 27th November. This month's edition will cater to both those who want to blog themed works and those who just want to blog! A Blog theme pool has been created

Blog Theme Pool

The Blog Theme Pool is a place for any blogger who wants to participate during the #UgBlogWeek with a theme. We have lots of themes here. Men Women President for a day Sex Nature Love If you want to add your own theme to this pool, please add it in the