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Curated Blogs | Boda-Boda Prompt

On Monday 18th July 2016 we prompted the blogging community to blog about the ‘boda-boda’. If you don’t know about these weekly prompts, visit this link to know why and how to participate.

Different bloggers responded to the prompt throughout the week and we have curated them below.


On Wednesday 20th July 2016, Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa published a blog titled “Boda Boda Zituyamba?” It had a word count of 589 words. From the title, he questions the readers if there is a real need for ‘boda bodas’. The blog introduction sketches a background of his use of the ‘boda boda’ and how his father reacts to the way he uses them. In the scope of the post, he asks a few questions about ‘boda boda’ riders’ safety and usage that are insightful and give several aspects to ponder on. To read about the entire blog, please click here.

On the same day, Wednesday 20th July 2016, Joel Jemba published a blog titled “When Taking A Boda-Boda” with a word count of 686 words. The foci of the post was a dialogue Joel Jemba had with a ‘boda boda’ rider as he traveled back home from a party. If you enjoy a good and an appealing story, of course with a lesson to learn, we recommend this blog: When Taking A Boda-boda.

Still on Wednesday, Tumuhimbise Moses published a 449 worded blog “Why choosing to use a boda boda could mean life or death”. The post gave insight into the ‘boda boda’ from historical events and statistical data. In case you are a reader who needs analytical information written in a small digestible bites. Visit Mr. Tumuhimbise’s blog here.

On Thursday 21st July 2016, Pearl Gahwera did her writing magic in 846 words and published a blog entitled “Mission to Civilize: Basic Road Etiquette.” A new endeavour for Pearl, her mission to civilise in this post, engages readers in road etiquette. And since we are all road users,  read the whole nine astute key notes she made. Click here to read.

Thursday 21st July 2016 the queen of passion and curiosity Patricia Kahill came through with a 594 worded blog, titled “Boda boda hurry up… dies!” Exactly, the title is extremely odd –but like earlier said, queen of curiosity, that’s her. The blog presents well researched statistical facts about ‘boda bodas’. She takes on these details head on, and the end there is a Juliet Tumwesigwe Foundation memo you should read and maybe get on board already. Read the entire blog here.

On Saturday morning 23rd July 2016, David Kangye published a blog of 584 words titled “Let’s talk Boda Boda”. From the top where he says “Depending on where adolescence found you, you may call it boda-boda or bora-bora. . .” you are gummed to a post filled with appealing humor to the end where he says “. . . Maybe your chaser is the boda rider in front of you!” Dive into this humor here

Monday morning delivered some post(s) too! Agaba Joshs “Hold Up”  is a very short 191 word read. So short we won’t spoil except share this very striking line – “This post is only a badge and vote of appreciation to Ugandans who go out of their way to make sure we don’t walk through our ugly mistakes. So we can get to our offices clean and pretend the world is at peace. ”  Read it here.

From the Uganda blogging Community we are so proud of all the bloggers who responded to the prompt. You are all awesome. Check out the next prompt, “Park Enkadde” here.

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