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Curated blogs | Park Enkadde Prompts


Last week’s blogging prompt was Park Enkadde and a few bloggers responded to it. We hope that more will share their experiences and grow the blogging community in Uganda.

Check out Ugbloc for the weekly prompt, in order to participate. The prompt is to help with writer’s block, and you also get a cool badge for your blog.

We have curated the posts as we did last week.

Curated Blog prompt park enkadde
David Kangye in 681 words, wrote about what one might expect to find/see when in park enkadde, how one often times finds themselves there and how you need to know the way things in the park work if you are to get out of there in one piece.

Paul Ampurire in 417 Words, shared his learning about the safety of park enkadde, and how it is important to hold onto your phone/bag/money like your life depends on it if you are to leave the park with them. There are pickpockets at every turn.

Patricia Karungi in 1,117 words, showed that you can indeed find love in a hopeless place – a taxi. And that you might like it.

Elizabeth Kitego in 841 words, wrote about what you need to survive in park enkadde. Survive because it is a jungle of sorts, and how important it is to be alert lest you end up in a taxi going to a wrong destination.

PearlHmmph in 551 words, showed how park enkadde can be unsafe for ladies, and the implication of getting a taxi from the park.

Tumuhimbise Moses in 1,362 words, referred to park enkadde as the Tube of Uganda, and shared some insights that might make you the centre of attention at a fancy dinner. Who knew that inhabitants of the different divisions in Kampala can be demographically categorized by the activity of park enkadde? There is a lot to take from this piece, a lot.

Joel Jemba in 723 words, recounted an experience that his friend suffered at the hands of park enkadde. Safe to say that using park enkadde is not a walk in the park.

Sharon Bugingo in 372 words, narrated the experience she and the cousin went through while in the old taxi park, from the naming of names from strangers to misleading taxi sign posts and everything in between. A short and precise interesting story.

Cynthia Kyofuna in 394 words, showed how park enkadde is a worthy sight for tourists, with the capability of exciting tourists as much as bungee jumping or kayaking would.

Mulungi Faith in 737 words, did the taxi chronicles of Lucy in the old taxi park. An event full narration of everyday happenings on the streets of Kampala

Lynn Kirabo in 717 words, referred to park enkadde as a jungle, where like in any jungle it is survival for the fittest. It is sad when you have to look at helpless people trying to survive in there, because they have no other choice.

Look out for this week’s prompt, and let’s write more. Please use the hashtag #Ugbloc when you share your posts, to make it easier for us to find your story to share and curate it.

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