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Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 4

Day 4

A sweet tale of 932 words narrating the woos of a Christian raised boy who goes to school unguided about the turmoil of adolescence by Bernard Olupot. The feeling of abandonment haunts his journey all throughout school in a mighty most of his endeavors. This is the whole story.

In 609 words, Shanine gives us a picture of school contrary to her own experience. She feels for the crowd which went through the bullying ordeal during school time and how negative, it left their lives, both the bullies and the victimized. More details on this can be found here.

In 749 words, Gilbert Opondo gives his definition of school not only as a given institution where he went for Education. His schooling started straight from home with the help of his patient sister who taught him how to write and he later contributed towards forwarding this skill to his nephew. For more on this, click here.

You think you were troublesome and stubborn in High school? Well, read Sharon Bugingo’s blog of 995 words narrating her troublesome life right from senior one and the life lessons she learnt each day through school here.

Joel Jemba hosted a guest, Leona Ruth Yawe, she narrated a few things why school didn’t make her better and on the flip side, how school made her better, and the explains the title School, everything and nothing. See the blog here.

Patrick Lorimo in his 499 worded blog speaks of our parents expectations once they fund and take you through all the years of school. It goes on to shed light on life choices that both the educated and illiterate are faced with in reality. Everything is here.


We are thankful for everyone who is participating in the #Ugblogweek. Remember, On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

Do you want to participate and you don’t how and why? Read this: School Made Me No Better

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