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Curated Blogs | #UgBlogWeek Day 6

day 6


The Jzone namely Jude and Jeff wrote a 586 worded blog piece, took the theme school made me no better as a debate, with a sense of humor and taking the reader(s) as the specimen for their findings. Check here for whole piece.

Charlotte in 399 words disagrees that school made a lot of people better, we believe this blog was a result of many other bloggers dissing the school importance and roles it played in their life. So, she points out a few useful facts and information she learned through school. This is the blog here.

Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa connected the dots between school’s impact and his reading skills in 589 words. From the reading he has been able to travel, relate and perceive things in all times, past, present and future. In addition he disclosed a few books that have been a firm foundation. Come see them here.

Darren Martin in his 610 worded blog, emphasized how school made him who he is, he actually made forms a hashtag #SchoolsMadeMeWhoIam with a few rants, a short story of his life though schools. This is blog piece here.

A 1441 worded short story about the attempt to become a school political giant after being in sole candidature many a time. You will discover the trials the author went through from being noticed as a suitable candidate at a talent show to the campaign runs and finally to the much feared polling day. Gilbert Opondo Wrote it all here.

In 449 words, Patricia did a narrative and shared about school friendships that happens to many in schools. Actually many of us remember friendships we made in schools than what we were taught in class. This is her blog piece right here.

In 233 words Danny has found a pattern in relating the future with the lessons learnt in school. Abstract as they may seem, very lesson learnt be it in Agriculture or History, it pays forward in the principles we employ in our different occupations. See the whole blog here.

Parents think the teachers have the department covered and the teachers believe the parents have put out this hot flame.. Little do they know that they are both wrong!! In this 658 word blog you get to reminisce upon the time in school when the opposite sex was one of the other mental battles you had to deal with. Bernard Olupot wrote it all here.

In a poetic 297 flow of words you get to ask yourself tenfold if school is an illusion. Joel Jemba‘s blog preempts the reader to think about what they would do (in a number of hilarious lines) if they knew that school was a total enigma we all go though before we ask those questions. This is the blog.

@Mablees goes in time and compares election time during school to the current American Election. Bad boy vs good girl. Titled “The Trumpness of High School Elections” it shows at least the basics of society begin in school. You can read the 701 word post here.

We are thankful for everyone who is participating in the #Ugblogweek. Remember, On the eighth day, we shall meet for the blogger happy hour and continue the conversation.

Do you want to participate and you don’t how and why? Read this: School Made Me No Better

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