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Lead The Uganda Blogging Community Into Its Bright Future…

In late 2017, some of the founding members of the Uganda Blogging Community sat down to formalize the community and put together a leadership structure and strategic plan to steer it to the proverbial greater heights. The glue that held the team together then was Joel Ntwatwa and when he passed away in early 2018, he left a leadership gap in the community. I just kinda took on the responsibility of community lead and, if I am being honest, I, with plenty of assistance from a wonderful group of volunteers, have been doing the bare minimum for the community as I tried to juggle the expectations of me there with my other commitments.

But there is so much more that can be done with a unified blogging community run by an invested leadership and we can’t settle for the bare minimums. I am now at the point where I have allowed that I am not being helpful to the community realizing it’s full potential so I need to allow a new crop of passionate bloggers to guide the progress of the collective into its bright future.

With that background, the Uganda Blogging Community is asking you to volunteer your time for the following positions in the leadership structure.

  1. Director
    Run the show.
  2. Vice
    Step in when the lead is absent and doubles as secretary
  3. Operations/Activities
    Oversee community calendar activities like UBHH, Trainings, Mentoring, Blog Week and the Awards
  4. Communications
    Handle community social media accounts, website, mailing list and the communities image in the public eye
  5. Partnerships & Marketing
    Approach strategic partners for the community for involvement that benefits the community members.
  6. Finance
    Manage the community accounts and ensure proper accounting is done
  7. Legal
    Advise the community and ensure it and its members are on the right side of the law
  8. Community Welfare
    Make sure information on community membership is accurate and strengthen the social bond of the community

If you feel you are best suited for one of these roles as per the short descriptions given, send your CV and a few paragraphs explaining why you want to take on any of the roles to Please send this by Monday 23rd September 2019 so the selection process can be done by then and the new leadership unveiled at the September UBHH.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section before and management will respond to them as soon as possible.


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