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New Year, New You?

A New Year is dawning and many all over the world are getting ready to embrace it with arms wide open. Different people have different takes to how they usher in the new year with the wishes and goals that come with new beginnings. Many all over the world are setting

Curated blogs | Park Enkadde Prompts

Last week’s blogging prompt was Park Enkadde and a few bloggers responded to it. We hope that more will share their experiences and grow the blogging community in Uganda. Check out Ugbloc for the weekly prompt, in order to participate. The prompt is to help with writer’s block, and you also

Curated Blogs | Boda-Boda Prompt

On Monday 18th July 2016 we prompted the blogging community to blog about the 'boda-boda'. If you don’t know about these weekly prompts, visit this link to know why and how to participate. Different bloggers responded to the prompt throughout the week and we have curated them below. On Wednesday 20th July 2016, Joel