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#UgBlogWeek Day 5: Melancholy

I am way in over my feels today. It could be because I have been listening to Tracy Chapman endlessly or because Kirabo has managed to string my heart along for her dandelion tales. I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the cause of such melancholy, but Kahill sheds some

Uganda Bloggers’ Happy Hour – November Edition

Join us for November's edition of the bloggers' meet-up "UBHH". We'll discuss topics ranging from "The role of the blogger", to discussing a controversial post last month about why Ugandan bloggers are not making money compared to their Kenyan counterparts and discussing themes for November's blog week. Please invite a

Hello Ug

"Kamu kamu gwe muganda" the Baganda say. One by one makes a bundle. Join us on this journey. Ugandan Bloggers, bloggers living in Uganda.   Featured photo: