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#UgBlogMonth April/May 2020

Bloggren, the #UgBlogMonth is upon us. 

Warm greetings from us to you, Bloggren.
We hope you are not too adversely affected by the COVID19 pandemic and the extension of the Lock down. We also hope you are staying safe and sanitized, because someone has got to document the brilliant stories in your mind.

Don’t give COVID-19 a chance!

On the premise that “creativity takes no vacations”, we interrupt your lock down with the #UgBlogMonth Challenge, a 21 day challenge that will run from Sunday 19th April to Saturday 9th May 2020.

Each day, bloggers will be faced with a new prompt /topic to dissect and explore. The topics /themes for the daily challenge are;

Day 1. Why do you write?
Day 2. 20 facts about you.
Day 3. Five favorite books and why.
Day 4. Lessons from the COVID 19 pandemic.
Day 5. A day in Lock down.
Day 6. What you do for Self care?
Day 7. Thoughts on Uganda’s health care system
Day 8. Best Relationship Advice.
Day 9. Your favorite Blogs.
Day 10. A Confession.
Day 11. Something/ things you miss in this lock down.
Day 12. 10 things you wish you knew before you started blogging.
Day 13. 20 minutes with a celebrity. Who and why?
Day 14. If you could get any Job in the world, which would it be?
Day 15. Yourself in 10 years.
Day 16. Religious or Political Views.
Day 17. If you won the lottery…
Day 18. A letter to your future self.
Day 19. What you wish people stopped doing.
Day 20. A childhood memory.
Day 21. What makes you Happy?


How to share your blog posts during #UgBlogMonth
We will be curating and sharing all posts that come out of this #UgBlogMonth. So here are the three (3) ways you can make sure we find and include your post.

1. Pingback to this post. A pingback is a special type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post. To create a pingback, just create a link to this post you are currently reading and we’ll be notified.

2. Twitter: You can share your post by using the official #UgBlogMonth hashtag. You can also notify us on Twitter by tagging us @ in your tweets.

3. Facebook: Post your blog link on your timeline, or on our Facebook Page – Uganda Blogging Community– or in the Uganda Bloggers and Blog Lovers Facebook Group and use the hashtag #UgBlogMonth.

Bonus tip: If and when possible, please categorize your posts or leave helpful tags.

Happy Blogging. Happy Reading. Happy #UgBlogMonth

40 thoughts on “#UgBlogMonth April/May 2020

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  2. My son who knows how passionate I am with the written word, has just sent me this link. I am very thrilled to take on the challenge and to become a member of the Uganda Blogging Community. A most welcome adventure during this unprecedented COVID- 10 Lockdown.
    Bring it on.
    Jane Nannono

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