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#UgBlogWeek August 2017 Edition

The future at any one time always seems far, however, sooner than you know it, it becomes the present.

Writing as a form of expression has been for a long time limited to established guardians. Writing as a form of expression is sacred because not everyone can do it and not everyone can get published.

Writing as a way of storytelling has been sacred because it has had to go through several forms of censorship or editing before it became published. For a long time, women authored books under male names because of some of those limitations.

History was written by those in power because they had the means. Popular thought was influenced by the written.

As our August UgBlogWeek, we take into thought writing as a form of storytelling and what its future is.

What do we think about how storytelling has evolved especially in this digital age. Bloggers are now able to come to the forefront and share uncensored thought. However, for many people, a story that is not printed is still not as powerful as that which is.

What are our thoughts on this? And not just as bloggers, but as thinkers, economists, people in science, arts etc? What is your vision of the future of storytelling?

Share with us all week from 13th to 19th August, 2017. The hashtag is #UgBlogWeek

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Happy Reading. Happy Blogging. Happy #UgBlogWeek

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