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#UgBlogWeek February 2017 Edition

Uganda Blogging Community is proud to announce 2017’s first 7-day-blogging challenge! February 2017’s #UgBlogWeek challenge will take place from 13th – 19th February and the guiding format is chain stories. 

The way chain stories work is; one blogger begins a part 1 of a story and then bloggers that might be interested continue with part 2 from where the blogger stopped and also stop somewhere. From there other interested bloggers can continue it from where Part 2 stopped with Part 3. The chain continues till the Blog Week is over. If anyone is interested, they can continue with the chain after the blog week but for curating purposes, we’ll consider posts within the 7 day duration.

An example is this story that was started by Nevender and spread out as shown below:

Part 1: Ssida Ntinda ->Part 2: Ntinda Nzibu -> Part 3: Ntinda Eyokya -> Part 4: Ntinda Ekaye, Ntinda Egaanye, Joy Ow’entinda

These are a few guidelines to consider to make it easier for readers to follow the chain of the various stories that will be created:

1.You can continue as many stories as you want from whatever part they are on. You are also free to begin a new story at any point of the week.

2. Before proceeding with your continuation, introduce the chain from where it started so a reader can start from the beginning and get the flow of the story.

3. Leave a comment on the post with the part you are continuing so people reading that part know you have a continuation on your blog.

4. In your blog title, add what part of the story you are on (Part 2/3/4)

For those that might not be interested in the chain stories theme, feel free to do your own thing or choose a theme from our ever expanding blog theme pool over here. You can add to the pool by commenting on that post or mentioning us on twitter with your theme using the hashtag #UgBlogThemePool.

 How to share your blog posts during #UgBlogWeek

We will be curating and sharing all posts that come out of this #UgBlogWeek. So here are the three (3) ways you can make sure we find and include your post.

  1. Pingback to this post. A pingback is a special type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post, as long as the other blog is set to accept pingbacks. To create a pingback, just create link to this post you are currently reading and we’ll be notified. Something like, This blog post is part of the February 2017 #UgBlogWeek (feel free to copy and paste this in your post.)
  2. Twitter: You can share your post by using the hashtag #UgBlogWeek also you can notify us on Twitter.
  3. FacebookPost your blog link on our Facebook Page – Uganda Blogging community and use the hashtag #UgBlogWeekPost your blog link on the Uganda Bloggers and Blog Lovers Facebook Group with the hashtag #UgBlogWeek.

If possible and when possible, please categorise your posts or leave helpful tags.

Happy Reading. Happy Blogging. Happy #UgBlogWeek

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