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#UgBlogWeek February 2019: What Is Love?

Greetings Bloggren, how do you do?

Is it just me or February has choruses of butterflies in everyone’s belly? Do you also wonder why everyone seems so love strung this month?

Well, here’s a short story. A tale of how February came to be known as the month of love (or so I’d love to think)

In ancient Rome around 269AD lived a Roman Priest called Valentine. The Emperor at the time had prohibited the marriage of young people because it was believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than marrieds as they had no worries of wives and children to hinder them.

But we all know that when you are denied something, then you crave it even more (I see some of you nodding). So naturally the young soldiers fell in love and were secretly married by Valentine.

Valentine was caught, imprisoned and sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation.
He was eventually canonised by the Catholic Church and became the patron saint of Lovers.

Which brings us to the gist of the matter…

In our #UgBlogWeek this month we are delving into the nitty-gritties of whatever love is and isn’t. We want you to let us in on all the light and darkness.

For example, Is there such a thing as true love? or is it something the movies have us dancing to?
What are some of the notions about love you grew up listening to in your community? Did they in any way influence your general out look on love?
I didn’t want to ask, But have you ever been heart broken? What is this thing that seems to always wait in queue on the other side and how did you navigate past it?

Do you, like Valentine think love is a thing to die for or you side with the emperor on this one?

I honestly wouldn’t want to limit you, the questions are simply to trigger the writing prowess in you. Feel free to take the theme from whichever angle you prefer. But whatever you do don’t spare us.

This Blog week runs from Saturday 16th February to Saturday 23rd February.

Happy Writing and Reading, Bloggren.

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Happy Reading. Happy Blogging. Happy #Ugblogweek

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